building your future; understanding your past


It is one of the most important things we can do, but it is also the most overlooked. Here at Master 12 Illumination I will help you discover your inborn tools and why the patterns in your life just don't seem to go away. Your privacy is important to me and utmost respect will be the key to our work together.

Master 12 Illumination

do you spend a lot of time thinking about the past or future? Is there a nagging feeling that you are missing something?


Let's be realistic here. Every individual is unique and the standard discussion around Astrology is the supermarket "Sun Signs" cookie-cutter definitions. While great efforts go into these works, this is NOT Astrology. Astrology is an art, similar to classical music, painting, or sculpture. The goal of the astrologer is not to paint a picture and say "This is you!" The goal is to work with the client to understand how the controls imposed on us by life, family and environment play into the world that each of us experience while giving you the tools to create your great masterpiece!

My job as an astrologer is to delve into the facets of life that cause you concern or where you seek progress. Together, we understand how the planetary positions in your chart and the movements of the planets since birth are helping you to realize these goals. No one is cursed or has a bad chart. Some do have more challenges than others, but with a closer inspection, it should be abundantly clear why life has chosen this path for you. It is up to us to learn to work with it instead of against it.

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