Career or Child interpretations - 60 min - $120

Astrology is only for those that don't already have a connection to God or live spiritual lives, right? Astrology is anti-God or anti-religion, yes? Wrong, wrong, wrong! In fact, quite the opposite. Many people seek a closer connection to their God. If ever there was a clear path, to literally see the objects of matter laid out by a creator, in distinct correlation to the human condition... it is in Astrology. Spiritual leaders and those seeking a closer connection with their supreme expression will greatly benefit from the additional knowledge provided by Astrology.

Interested in what Astrology has to offer but don't want to spend a lot of money? I want all of my clients to get the best bang for their buck! In this session, we explore your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant (three of the most powerful aspects of our personality). Although these realms only touch on the surface of the tools we are given to navigate the waters of life, they are some of the most important.

Please review the "Sessions" page for information related to the individual sessions and payment options.

master 12 illumination astrological Services

Just testing the waters? - 20min - $25

One-on-One interpretation - 90 min - $230

There are many people that greatly struggle with understanding some of their unconscious desires in the realm of intimacy and self-identification. "She's a tom-boy," "He's really effeminate," "I don't like 'girly' things," "I think I am falling for her, but it scares me to pieces!" Society tries to lump us into categories so that the world is easier for them to navigate. Much time and research has gone into understanding these topics from a societal, religious and individualized standpoint. Astrology does have the tools to assist with concerns related to these areas.

Master 12 Illumination

In order to have a complete astrological interpretation, it is necessary to have the exact time, place and day of birth. Many states and locals do not print the actual birth time on the birth certificate. Fortunately, some of the planets move rather slow and their approximate position in the heavens on your day of birth can be ascertained. Consider this discounted session if you are unable to locate your birth data.

Having trouble with communication? Feeling as if you do not understand your partner's motivations? Is there a certain point where you always hit crisis? Planning to propose but not sure if certain red flags are indicative of the future, or necessary challenges for a healthy relationship? The charts of both partners will be analyzed with a new chart for compatibility to better understand specific challenges.

Relationship/Compatibility interpretations - 90 min - $300

Time of birth unknown - 45min - $75

On the right career path? Experiencing challenges in your current vocation? Considering a new path but unsure if you have what it takes? Consider a career consultation. For child interpretations, many people seek to better understand why their child consistently behaves a certain way. Some parents worry about events that their child faces on a daily basis. How can we empower your child to face obstacles presented by life?

One child - $120; Two children - $180; inquire for additional.

One-on-One Astrological interpretations - 60min - $150

Similar to the personal astrological interpretation, a client can expect to review overall chart information with a deeper analysis into the planetary transits and progressions affecting the present. If a specific concern is presented, there will be a deeper analysis into the progressions of the concern from date of event through present.

Spiritual/Religious interpretations - 60 min - $120

Sexuality and Gender interpretations - 60 min - $120

During a personal astrological interpretation, a client can expect to review the overall chart from birth to present. We will look for clues to any concerns that the client presents upon initial consultation. The client can expect understandable conversation and a lack of astrological jargon.