"When the last word has been said about the Zodiac, the last mystery that confront mankind will have been solved." - C.E.O. Carter - 1928

Q: Will you teach me Astrology during an interpretation?

Q: Is an astrological session appropriate for everyone?

A: I ask for one week, at minimum, to allow time to study and interpret your individual chart or composite partner data, from the time that you give it to me. I will schedule your appointment at the first available slot that works for each of us. Multiple options will be presented to help ease schedule conflicts. Please email, or have available your data on the initial call for a more expedient review.

A: No and No! Although Astrology may be lumped into the general category of fortune-telling or metaphysical studies at a societal level, they are not even in the same ball park. Astrology both understands and appreciates free-will in the completion of human activity. Astrology will seek to show the individual what "energies" are available for future dates, but this is based on astronomical scientific calculations and thousands of years of study regarding the energies associated with each planet and aspect. It is up to each individual to create action that will cause their future. If predestined predictions are desired, a psychic may be the more appropriate person in which to explore these needs.

A: While it is my personal belief that everyone can benefit from an astrological session, the short answer to the question is, no. Some individuals have personal concerns that will need to be discussed with licensed professionals. Astrology is not psychological therapy, it is not disease diagnosis, nor is it miraculous healing. All of these things are left up to the individual and their licensed professionals to address. Astrology can help an individual modify behaviors that could be energetically more advantageous to the healthy whole, similar to the way a friend might offer an opinion based on personal experience or research, but it is up to each individual to take action. Think of an astrology session like reviewing a garden layout. If a plant's position is causing sunlight to be blocked but it can not be moved, it may need a clearer path to the moonlight to help it grow. If the plant is diseased, physically weak, or lacking nutrients, it needs the attention of a master gardener.


Q: What do I need for an astrological session?

A: Currently I accept cash (local session), check (local session), or Paypal (phone sessions) for services rendered.  Please look for additional methods of payment to follow in the near future.

Q: Is there an age requirement for chart interpretation?

A: Yes, all clients must be 18 years of age or older for a chart interpretation. The "Child" chart services are for parents, guardians, family, etc. to review the astrological information presented for the child.

A: While it may appear that breaking down each individual facet of life into separate sections is a way to generate additional funds, I assure you that it is not. To explore these deep topics in one 60 or 90 minute session would not do justice to the astrological tools available for interpretation. Although the surface level of all of these topics WILL be addressed in an individual session, it is the goal to focus on the intent of the client's most relevant need than to try to superficially cover all facets of an individual in one session. I will do my utmost best to get you the best value for your dollar.

Q: Can you read my future? Are you a psychic?

A: Some astrological concepts and methods of calculation will be discussed during the session, but a client should not expect to learn Astrology during a reading. I intend to publish many free articles featured on this website in the "News" and "Related Articles" blog posts. If you are an aspiring astrologer or seek further information about how chart interpretation is completed, please contact me privately to request additional information. I am happy to share my learnings with anyone interested in the methodology. There is more than enough room for additional astrologers in the world and I sincerely hope that all eventually take up the ancient art as a modern practice.

Q: What payment methods are available at this time?

Q: How quickly can I schedule an appointment?

Q: How are sessions conducted?

Q: Why can't we talk about my career, children, spouse and self in one session?

Master 12 Illumination

A: Most sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype. Local clients are able to schedule in-person sessions where I will come to you. We can meet at a local establishment that grants permission (if you are open to discussions in public). Please keep in mind that these sessions are extremely personal and may bring up topics that you may not want others to hear your thoughts/answers. I ask that we not have interruptions during the session as this will take away from valuable time that you are paying to receive. I give my permission for sessions to be recorded for later review.

A: Please review your birth certificate (not your parent's word) for your exact date, time and place of birth. This information, as well as a friendly and inquisitive attitude are necessary for a successful session. If the birth data can not be obtained, please review the options available on the "Services" page of this website.